1020 Paper 3

Answer the following question:

Why is it so historically significant that in 2008 Obama became the first black president?

Focus on the following items:

  • What we learned regarding the conditions under which black Americans lived as recently as the 1960s: voting rights, educational and job opportunities,  Emmett Till, general attitudes in the black community.
  • Slow moving progress of the civil rights movement
  • Conflicts within the civil rights movement
  • General attitude of the white community

To support your points, you must include references to all of the following sources:

  • Eyes on the Prize: either episode 1 or 7
  • Malcolm X’s Autobiography excerpt
  • Letter from Birmingham Jail
  • Obama’s 1st victory speech

Follow MLA guidelines.

  • Titled
  • Underline thesis
  • Present tense
  • Typed
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 pt Font
  • Doubled spaced with one inch margins
  • Stapled